Legal restrictions

All information about eCredits published by us are strictly directed at natural and juridical persons having their residence and/or registered office address within the EU and Switzerland. They are specifically not directed at persons, that have the nationality and/or residency and/or registered offices in a state, where the distribution and/or registration of such eCredits are restricted and/or forbidden. It is in the primarily and sole responsibility of each interested party to inquire whether such restrictions are applicable based on their nationality/residency or registered office regarding the introduced eCredits.

No offer

All information and statements about eCredits published by us are solely to be considered for information purposes and do neither constitute an offer nor an invitation to offer a purchase or sale. They furthermore neither form an underwriting to a transaction, a solicitation of any legal business relationship nor an investment recommendation or advice to investors. In addition, they do not constitute any kind of decision support for legal, tax or any other required consultancy services. No investment decision should be made upon the information received herein.

No representation/warranty

All information and statements published by us, even if made during presentations or events, are solely to be considered for information purposes only providing information about us, our organisation, products and services. We have applied all necessary diligence upon the production of our documentation. However, no representation or warranty (neither implicitly nor explicitly) is given as to the accuracy, completeness or correctness of the published information and/or the features therein (e.g. calculations).

Each and every information may be adjusted or changed without prior notice. In particular, no representation or warranties are provided in regard to business plans, future orientated statements or any other projection being of financial, technical or business orientated nature of the eCredits. We explicitly do not communicate any performance report or forecasts and hereby explicitly distance ourselves from any information, that has been or may be distributed by third parties without our prior consent.


We hereby specifically exclude any and all liability to the extent legally permissible, for any and all direct and/or subsequent damage resulting in connection and/or the utilization of eCredits.

Note regarding risk and performance

Our products are not considered risk free investments. By buying and utilizing eCredits risks are involved, in particular- but not limited – those related to value and yield fluctuation. In addition, eCredits may be exposed to high fluctuation of exchange rates. You cannot be protected by the Swiss Federal Act on Collective Investment Schemes. The value of our product is not only based on the development of the underlying base value, but also by the overall credibility of the issuer, that may vary over the term of the product. The default-risk of the issuer is solely to be borne by the investor.

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To get more Information, just download our Light-Paper

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