7. September 2023

Business Done Better: Introducing eCredits’ New Business Subscriptions

Our eCredits users told us: the eCredits Business Subscription was just too expensive.

We heard that loud and clear. And now, based on our users’ valuable feedback, we’re rolling out two exclusive subscription models to help eCredits Merchants make the most of the eCredits Ecosystem – and save money.

One goal, two subscriptions

At eCredits we believe that every business, regardless of size, should have the tools to drive growth and success. Our goal: to provide those tools which are easy to use – and don’t break the bank! And starting September 7 we’re offering Merchants a choice between these exciting new subscription tiers:

  • Premium Business Subscription (99 EUR per year): Offers full functionality with an attractive lower price (200 EUR less than the previous pricing structure). The Premium Subscription comes loaded with all the features users expect from eCredits, including the Cashier App, Deals, and more, plus unlimited stores. Best part? With Premium Merchants can enjoy transaction 0.5% transaction costs.
  • Basic Business Subscription (Free): For Merchants just getting started with eCredits, our Basic subscription is the perfect way to test the waters. This free tier allows users to put the ecosystem to work for them, but without the financial commitment of Premium. With a limited feature set and low transaction costs, this subscription is tailored for single-store businesses looking to explore the many benefits of an eCredits subscription. (Please note: the Basic Subscription allows only one profile with a Basic Subscription per account.)

Both are available in the eCredits Portal. https://portal.ecredits.com 

Seize the Opportunity

Again, whether you’re looking for expansive features and unlimited stores or want to explore our ecosystem, we’ve got the subscription to best suit your needs – at a much friendlier price.

Still not sure? Take a minute to learn more about both tiers, as well as technical information, and see how they can help transform your business today: https://ecredits.com/en/merchants/

Do you have questions or need assistance? Check the FAQs on our support portal at https://support.ecredits.com/ or write us at support@ecredits.com. Our support team is here to help you.

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