4. December 2023

Eyes on the Horizon: eCredits Prepares Major Updates

Eyes on the Horizon: eCredits Prepares Major Updates 

From the start, the immense potential of eCredits was clear: the world’s first daily-use cryptocurrency by and for the people 

Since then, we’ve had many achievements to be proud of. We’ve grown our community. But we’ve always planned something bigger – and we can’t stop now. 

This season, eCredits will unveil a long-planned and transformative series of major updates with one goal in mind: to create a bold new era for the ecosystem and its community of users.  

A plan, executed 

In many ways, the initial introduction of eCredits was a ‘soft launch’. Although we’ve made strides since, it was always intended as leadup to something even better.  

And since those early days we’ve worked tirelessly: to enhance our functionality, to improve user experience, and to make the benefits of eCredits available to everyone. 

Recently we’ve made major updates across the board. We’ve bolstered our tech and created a series of new products to enhance the acquisition and use of eCredits. 

We’ve revisited the legal and regulatory landscape to build security and trust. And we’ve refined our marketing and communications strategies to tell the story of eCredits and its users. 

It’s eCredits season 

In addition to working hard, we’ve been watching the clock – and studying the markets. The pieces are in place. The updates are ready.  

It’s time to go live.  

This Winter will be a time of transformation at eCredits.  

Don’t miss what we have in store for you. Stay tuned, follow us (if you haven’t already), and join our movement. Be the first to know about these groundbreaking updates and be sure to share the excitement with potential eCredits enthusiasts within your network. 

One thing, however, won’t change: eCredits will continue to be the people’s currency for daily use. A real-world solution to empower local economies, not global multinationals.  

Our future is brighter than ever. We can’t wait to reveal what we’ve been working on. Get ready for a new era in which eCredits becomes the cryptocurrency of choice for daily use, for the increasing benefit of all eCredits users, everywhere.  

As part of the large roll-out we are also planning a big eCredits online event on December 18. Save the date and keep an eye on our channels for more details!  

Stay tuned, eCredits enthusiasts – the best is yet to come!  

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