5. December 2023

The People’s SCE Welcomes New Leadership

Luxembourg, December 5, 2023 — The People’s SCE, a decentrally governed organization (DGO) that powers applications built upon the eCredits Blockchain, today announces a change of its CEO, Bernhard Blaha, who has successfully steered the company through its crucial software development and product launch phase. With great pride in the achievements of the team and a solid foundation in place, Bernhard is departing from The People’s SCE. Bernhard’s departure aligns with the company’s predetermined plan and strategy, signifying the successful completion of his mission in building the product and commencing its adoption phase.  

Reflecting on his tenure, Bernhard Blaha shared, “It has been an incredible journey building the product and witnessing the various stages of its adoption. I am immensely proud of what we’ve accomplished as a team here at The People’s SCE. I wish the new CEO all the best for the implementation of her plans and look forward to further, excellent developments she will bring to the company.” 

The People’s SCE is delighted to introduce its new CEO, Sally Meouche – Ghrawi, who will take the reins as the eCredits Ecosystem enters the new growth and business development phase. Sally Meouche – Ghrawi brings a wealth of experience in web3 and is highly regarded within the industry. With a track record of successful ventures and a vast network of industry connections, she is perfectly positioned to lead eCredits Ecosystem into the next stage of its evolution. 

Sally stated, ” I am thrilled to join the eCredits Ecosystem and The People’s SCE team at this pivotal moment in their journey. Our focus will be on accelerating the growth of our ecosystem products and chain, pushing forward the adoption of ECS, and fortifying our market position.  With the support of our exceptional team and our community, we are poised to reach unprecedented heights and broaden our array of offerings. I look forward to getting started! “ 

The company continues its unwavering commitment to its vision of making ECS the go-to, people’s currency, for everyday transactions. We eagerly anticipate reaching new heights during this new phase.  

More details about Sally’s vision, plans, and her insights into the future direction of eCredits Ecosystem will be revealed during her first Ask Me Anything (AMA) live session in the role of the new CEO. This and other sessions promise to provide a deeper understanding of the company’s strategic direction and goals under Sally’s leadership and her first major steps to kick this new era off. Keep an eye out for the upcoming announcements and exclusive interviews with Sally as she outlines her vision for The People’s SCE and eCredits Ecosystem’s exciting journey ahead. Stay tuned for more information as the company embarks on this new chapter with Sally Meouche – Ghrawi at the helm. 

For media inquiries, please contact: marketing@ecredits.com 


About eCredits and The People’s SCE 

eCredits is a decentralized, blockchain-based ecosystem empowering local businesses and democratizing finance. Designed to be “the people’s currency for daily use”, eCredits enables users, Consumers and Merchants, to make and accept everyday purchases with the ecosystem’s native cryptocurrency, eCredits (ECS). 

The People’s SCE is a decentrally governed organization (DGO) that powers applications built upon the eCredits Blockchain. The People’s SCE empowers SMEs and consumers to partake in decision-making and shape its future. The governance of The People’s SCE is fully decentralized and operates on the credo “one member, one vote”, making it a fully democratic organization, owned and run by its members.   

For more information on eCredits, visit: https://ecredits.com/ and https://thesce.org/ 

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