19. April 2023

Five Reasons Why You Should Consider Crypto for Everyday Use

Let’s be clear: using crypto for everyday transactions is a thing – and it’s becoming increasingly popular around the world. And as financial instability, courtesy of traditional banking, continues in 2023, using crypto as a means of conduction one’s day-to-day business will become an increasingly attractive proposition for millions.

Crypto is no longer just for investment and speculation but can and will be increasingly used for purchasing goods and services by consumers around the world. The use cases are numerous and increasing. Now, let’s look at five reasons why switching to crypto for everyday use could be right for you in 2023.

1. Safe and secure.

Cryptocurrencies are electronic tokens which are created, stored and transferred on decentralized blockchains. They offer transparent and safe ways to store value and, increasingly, to make purchases globally. Blockchain transactions are secure and immutable. Transaction details are recorded on the digital ledger and, unlike traditional stores of value, cannot be altered. Crypto is becoming increasingly popular for purchasing goods and services, investing in real estate, and more. Further, they are more secure from hacks, fraud, identity theft and other malicious attacks than other traditional financial instruments, such as online banking. With cryptocurrency your assets potentially safer than a traditional bank account. All you need is a crypto wallet and you’re up and running! Learn how to get started with eCredits today.

2. Immediate, 24/7 transfer.

Ever make a transfer with your regular bank account and have to wait – sometimes for days – before your money is transferred? Seems strange for the year 2023. However, crypto transfers – including those between consumers and merchants – can be made instantly by anyone with a crypto wallet, anywhere in the world, at any time. Unlike traditional banking, through which transfers can take days to complete, crypto transfer occurs instantly, around the clock. No more waiting. All you need is a crypto wallet and the recipient’s crypto key and you’re in business. eCredits does you one better, with a crypto wallet and currency tailor made for day-to-day transactions. Learn how to get started with eCredits today.

3. Global accessibility.

Cryptocurrency is decentralized money, available to the global community without the traditional intermediaries. It can be accessed anywhere in the world, by anyone with an internet connection and a crypto wallet. Transactions are peer-to-peer, secure on the blockchain, and private. The best part? No banks or other financial institutions, no third-party payment services, and no central governments. All you need is an internet connection and a crypto wallet – like the eCredits eWallet App – and you’re in business. Learn how to get started with eCredits today.

4. More financial control.

Unlike fiat currency, which devalues constantly, and traditional banking, which charges exorbitant fees to hold and transfer consumers’ money, crypto currency is a secure, decentralized store of value. And as it evolves into more utilitarian uses it is not only a safe store of value, but an increasingly viable means of obtaining goods and services. eCredits and its eWallet app is designed as the currency for everyday use. Learn how to get started with eCredits today.

5. Benefits for merchants.

In recent years crypto payments have become increasingly relevant for businesses large and small alike. As with everyone else, for merchants the benefits of accepting crypto in exchange for goods and services include easy and quick transactions, immediate transfer, and unlike other payment methods, irreversibility. Most importantly: accepting crypto allows merchants to tap into an entirely new customer stream – and thus potentially growing your business! Learn how your business can accept crypto.

These days more and more people are taking their finances into their own hands and adopting cryptocurrency for day-to-day use. Join them! Learn more and get started using crypto for your day-to-day operations with eCredits today. Get started today.

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