The smart way to accept transactions The smart way to accept transactions

Benefit from the first cryptocurrency for in-store and online shopping

How eCredits work: Accepting eCredits is as easy as 1-2-3

Step 01

Get discovered

Set up your account and use posters and stickers to let customers know that your store or website accepts eCredits. The Web Portal also provides tools – to help promote your store, create special deals and increase your revenue.
Step 02

Process the transaction

To accept eCredits, simply create a QR code that the customer can scan. Your account and eActivity balances are updated immediately after the transaction is processed.
Step 03

Redeem eCredits

The transactions you receive in eCredits are available immediately: You can exchange your eCredits to euros anytime so that you can use them for your day-to-day operations.

Your benefits: a profitable and reliable transaction process

The eCredits business apps for merchants Powerful tools that help you succeed

Web Portal
Benefit from valuable tools for marketing, reporting and bookkeeping.
eWallet App
Use exclusive merchants extensions to create QR codes and accept transactions.
Cashier Mode
Simplify your workflow and manage who has access to checkout functions.
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