21. March 2023

eCredits and Racing Legend Fisichella put Merchants in 1st Place at eMilano Merchant Event

Fact: Small businesses drive innovation and value throughout today’s marketplace. Yet even the most talented, dedicated businesspeople can find it increasingly difficult – if not impossible – to compete against global corporations and the big banks that favor them.

Giancarlo Fisichella knows this well. During his professional transformation from club racer to Italian Formula 1 legend, he discovered an industry dominated by big money that regularly shut out smaller players. Yet, he persevered, demonstrating how independent operators can engage – and thrive – on their own terms.

That was his message to dozens of local entrepreneurs attending the eMilano Merchant Event on Thursday, March 9 at Milan’s Hotel Excelsior Gallia. They had come not only to hear Giancarlo’s recipe for success, but also to learn about a bold new way of doing business – the eCredits Ecosystem.

“The new economy, literally, came to Milan,” said Andrew Saks, Senior Executive at The People’s SCE, and co-organizer of the event. “This is the first time that a fully decentralized people’s currency has been brought to the people and the local businesses they like to shop with. eCredits is rolling out across Italy. Milan is first.”

eCredits, attendees learned, enables merchants to attract new, tech savvy customers and to accept eCredits (ECS), the ecosystem’s native cryptocurrency, for in-store and online purchases. Thus, giving smaller operators a powerful new tool to compete in today’s marketplace.

The more than 40 local retailers and restauranteurs in attendance were given a demo of the eWallet App and Cashier App for Merchants, and their applications. Interest was high, Andrew said, and onboarding is underway. Early adopters will get to try it out in real time, with real customers, during the eCredits Shopping Street event, slated for March 24-25 at the city’s Via Cesare Battisti. Details: https://emilano.ecredits.com/shopping-street.

Dubbed the first economically democratic city in the world, Milan was chosen as eCredits’ first proving ground due to its strong early adoption of eCredits and world-class shopping. A perfect fit for a new currency specifically designed for making and accepting purchases. So far, rollout has included a coordinated media campaign and several live events for potential Merchants, Ambassadors and Consumers.

Last week’s Merchants event was a promotion of eCredits, but also a celebration of the entrepreneurial spirit – and the desire to make things better – that underscores it.

Giancarlo’s address highlighted the challenges faced by those with ambition, and how obstacles to success can be overcome, particularly with the right tools. Attendees, many of them seasoned local businesspeople, seemed to appreciate the message. Many asked questions and afterwards even spoke one-on-one with Giancarlo and their fellow merchants.

For many, the correlation between success on the racetrack and in the marketplace was clear. With its emphasis on community and peer-to-peer purchasing, eCredits will put Milan’s merchants and consumers in the driver’s seat.

“Running a small business should be empowering,” Andrew said. “That’s something eMilano attendees certainly appreciate. And that’s something eCredits can help with.”

Merchants: Learn how eCredits can help your business, March 24-25: eCredits for Merchants: Accept crypto in-store and online

Are you in Milan? Join the eMilano Shopping Street event: eMilano e qui! (ecredits.com)

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