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The following supplementary terms and conditions are applicable to eCredits Wallet Users who use the Quick Trade feature with connected Third Party Service providers:

Quick Trade Terms

Last updated: February 2023

These Quick Trade Terms (hereinafter: the “QT Terms”) govern your use of “Quick Trade” functionalities as provided from connected third-party service providers and are accessible through the “Quick Trade” section of the eWallet. QT Terms form an integral part of General Terms of Service (hereinafter: “General Terms”) and shall be read and interpreted in connection therewith. All provisions in General Terms of use apply here, unless otherwise specified differently with these Terms.

By accepting, accessing and/or using the Quick Trade function you accept and undertake to be bound by these QT Terms. If you do not accept these QT Terms, do not access and/or use the Quick Trade feature or services provided thereof. The QT Terms, along with the General Terms, Privacy Policy, Fee Schedule and any other applicable Policy, form a legal agreement (the “Agreement”) between you and SCE, while the trading services provided via Quick Trade feature are governed by a separate relationship between you and the third party to which SCE does not enter as a party.


By proceeding to a connected Third-party Service within the eCredits Wallet App via API connection by directly using such services, User consents to be redirected and connected to a Third Party Services (including but not limited to Exchanges and Third-party Services), whereby SCE is not a party and does not warrant, endorse or support such exchange or trading services and is not responsible or liable for such services or any losses or issues that result as your use of such services. For using this feature the User is required to have a valid account with the Third Party Service or give explicit consent to use such Third-Party Service, which represents an independent relationship between the User and the Third Party Service (exchange or wallet), governed by Third Party Services’ terms & conditions and corresponding policies.
When using these trading functionalities provided by the Third Party Service, the User is directly connected to the Third Party Service provider on the basis of API connections, therefore all actions, displayed data, fees, exchange rates in Assets and other services and information in these services are provided by the Third Party Service.
With this “Quick Trade” functionality you are connecting your eCredits non custodial eWallet, Account and Assets with your Third Party Service provider account and services. You can either trade directly – purchase or sell Asset directly with the Third-party service on the websites (connected to the eWallet via API) or exchange Assets on Exchanges by

sending and/or receiving Assets to and from your connected Exchange trading account and use other Third Party Service functionalities, such as, for example, but not limited to:
– displaying of prices of different cryptocurrencies and/or FIAT pairs (Assets) traded
on Exchanges or displayed by the Third Party Service,
– facilitating the service of exchanging cryptocurrencies and/or FIAT pairs through
Third Party Service exchange services,
– purchasing or selling the Assets directly with a Third-party Service. for which the SCE does not guarantee and is not liable.
Read all instructions and documents from the Third Party Service carefully, as you are leaving the SCE domain.
You acknowledge that all Assets and actions relating to User’s Assets with Third Party Service (including but not limited to Exchanges and Third-party Services – including wallets) are beyond the reach of the SCE and are beyond the SCE’s control. The User acknowledges that the use of Third Party Services may lead to errors or damages that may lead to the loss of User’s Assets handled by the Third Party Service. SCE is not provider of any exchange or trading services and is not a party to the User and Third Party Service in relation to the use of these trading functionalities, nor shall SCE be liable for any direct, indirect or consequential damages resulting from any errors, inaccuracies or losses related with the use of any services provided by using the connection to the Third Party Service. The User has no claim against SCE in this respect. Any potential complaints, requests or claims arising out of the use of Third Party Services shall be addressed to Third Party Service directly.


By clicking on the “Deposit” button, the User initiates a blockchain transaction to transfer a specified amount of User’s Assets that are stored in the non-custodial wallet of the User’s eWallet Account to his registered and connected Third Party Service account. By clicking on the “Withdraw” button, the User initiates a blockchain transaction to transfer a specified amount of User’s Assets held on his registered Third Party Service account to his non-custodial eWallet account. Withdrawals and deposits are subject to fees in accordance with SCE’s and Third Party Service ‘s policies (such as blockchain fees and possible Third Party Service ‘s withdrawal fees)


The prices (exchange ratios) displayed within eWallet for the various cryptocurrency and/or FIAT pairs (Assets) are provided via API connections and are based on (i) offers to sell or purchase Assets directly from Third-Party providers (ii) latest (but not guaranteed expected exchange rate) market data, provided by the Exchanges and represent the last price that was executed on the Exchange’s orderbook for the relevant cryptocurrency and/or FIAT pair which is displayed directly via the Third Party Service API link. The

exchange rate displayed for a particular cryptocurrency and/or FIAT pair does not reflect the actual value of the Assets or the price at which a User may execute a trade for a particular pair on the Third Party Service. Therefore, the actual exchange rate, price or value of each relevant pair may significantly differ from the displayed estimation value of Assets. User should take into consideration potential »price slippage« effect (with Exchanges), trading and withdrawal fees and check directly with Third Party Service for more information on trading/exchanging functionalities.
Price displays and exchange ratios do not include any possible trading fees on the Third Party Service.


By clicking on the “Purchase” or “Sale” button to the connected Third-party Service, the User accepts the offer on the purchase or sale of a specific Assets at specified amount with the relevant cryptocurrency and/or FIAT pair directly on the Third Party Service in accordance with the Third Party Service policies.
By accepting the offer, the User enters into a binding and irrevocable contract with the Third-Party Service for the sale or purchase of a specific Asset (it is possible that the Third- Party Provider may regulate this differently), which shall be executed immediately upon acceptance of the offer. Third Party Service may also charge other fees when buying or selling Assets in accordance with their terms&conditions.


By clicking on the “Place order” button to the connected Exchange, the User initiates a direct market order at specified amount with the relevant cryptocurrency and/or FIAT pair directly on the Third Party Service in accordance with the Third Party Service policies. Once the market order is initiated, it shall be placed on the Third Party Services’ order book. As stated above, the exchange ratio is only estimation and does not represent a guarantee for the execution of the market order on the Third Party Service at displayed rate. The actual exchange rate at which a market order is executed may differ significantly from the rate indicated at the time when User’s market order was initiated, especially during periods of illiquidity, or volatility in the marketplaces for any cryptocurrency and/or FIAT pairs. The User should check his initiated orders directly on the Third Party Service website for more detailed information.
SCE shall not be liable for any errors and damages that may occur to the User when using the trade functionalities with Third Party Services. Purchase/sell offers and Market orders are subject to trading fees in accordance with terms & conditions of Third Party Services.


By using Quick Trade functionalities, you agree to the provisions of the SCE’s Policies (including, but not limited to, the General Terms ) with respect to linking to Third-party Service providers, in this case to the Blocktrade exchange. You also agree that the third- party provider may verify your identity and share other data with SCE in order to proceed with the trading services or successfully link your User Account to the Third-party Service.
SCE may modify these QT Terms, or the features of the Service at any time. We will notify you of any updated QT Terms by posting it to our Website or otherwise communicated to you. Any change to a Policy will be effective upon the earlier of posting to our Website or when otherwise communicated to you. Any other change to these QT Terms will be effective 14 days after the earlier of the date of posting to our Website or of your receipt of our communication regarding the change.

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