17. October 2022

The eCredits Ecosystem: Values into Practice

Today’s consumers face a minefield of economic and political instability. Traditionally, individuals have had few tools to mitigate such hazards – and even fewer alternatives to the status quo. Until now.

The eCredits Ecosystem – a decentralized, blockchain based ecosystem with its own native, daily-use cryptocurrency, eCredits (ECS) – is one such alternative. With a mandate to be “the People’s Currency”, eCredits enables users to make purchases with ECS, make transfers and to freely exchange cryptocurrencies, and to earn eActivity (ACT) via its eWallet App. The functionality and inclusiveness of eCredits empowers Consumers and Merchants, strengthens regional economies and helps micro/small/medium enterprises (MSMEs) stay competitive in the globalized marketplace.

This is in stark contrast to traditional, centralized economic power structures. And this alternative is values-driven by nature. eCredits is animated by belief in democratic ideals and direct action, and by commitment to values such as fairness, inclusion and equality. This value structure not only demonstrates the uniqueness of the ecosystem but, in tandem with its technical aspects creates a framework that enables members to fully participate in and influence the ecosystem at all levels.

But what does all that really mean? After all, it’s easy to rely on buzzwords. But without action, they will fall flat. Every time. Luckily, the values championed by the eCredits Ecosystem aren’t mere slogans, but are expressed in real opportunities for action at every level of the ecosystem, from daily use to scaling and member recruitment, technical support, strategic planning and more. In other words, the democratic spirit and of eCredits enables its users – like you – to really get involved.

See below for how you can get involved at every level of the eCredits Ecosystem – and put the values we share into practice every step of the way.

• Become an eCredits Consumer or Merchant:

If anything, eCredits is inclusive, inviting both Consumers and Merchants to join and make use of the eWallet App. Through use of the app, Consumers can send and receive ECS and make in-person or online purchases with participating Merchants. Consumers earn eActivity rewards (ACT) with every purchase – or every time they invite friends and family to join the ecosystem. For Merchants, eCredits offers a user-friendly means of accepting digital currencies, thus a means to reach more Consumers – and attract more revenue. This inclusivity helps create reciprocal relationships, Consumer/Merchant loyalty and, ultimately, stronger local and regional economies.

• Spread the word – as an eCredits Ambassador: 

Like others, perhaps you’ve been waiting for an alternative to the dominant commercial models. You’re ready for a change, something that will level the playing field and promote real equality in the marketplace. With the eCredits Ecosystem that alternative is at hand. And the more people who know about it – and join – the better and stronger the ecosystem will be. That’s where you come in. By joining as an eCredits Ambassador you can spread the word and help grow and scale the eCredits user base and acceptance points – and earn rewards for every Consumer and Merchant you invite to the Ecosystem. Now that’s a win/win. Learn more and get started today.

• Get technical – and become an eCredits Node owner: 

Decentralized blockchain networks are, by their very nature, egalitarian operations, run and operated by large numbers of users who contribute the computing power needed to process and validate transactions on the network, and to ensure the security thereof. Each of these members operate a ‘node’ which validate transactions and create new blocks on the eCredits blockchain. By coming a node operator, you can help scale and secure the eCredits Ecosystem –while also earning some gas fees. Learn how to get started.

• Make your voice heard – join The People’s SCE: 

The People’s SCE was launched in September 2021 to power applications on the eCredits blockchain. Unlike other collectives in the crypto industry, The People’s SCE also empowers its members to shape the future of the eCredits Ecosystem on the strategic level through voting on key initiatives regarding the development of eCredits products and features. In other words, the membership – not shareholders or corporate elites – are in the driver’s seat, making key decisions on the future of the ecosystem. A decentrally governed organization and a European Cooperative Society (Societas Cooperativa Europea in Latin, or SCE) fairness and inclusion are the essence of The People’s SCE. Its philosophy is a simple but powerful credo: one member, one vote. Learn more and join The People’s SCE today.

• Do all of the above!

The eCredits Ecosystem, joined now by The People’s SCE, offers more than just another cryptowallet. Instead, it provides an almost unprecedented level of real inclusion to the ecosystem – and an opportunity to be involved at every level, from user interface for Consumers and Merchants, to technical development and strategic decision making. And to truly put the values we live by into practice. Anyone is welcome to join. By taking one (or all) of the steps listed above you can take control and participate in a viable alternative to the status quo.

We hope you’ll join us.

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