3. March 2023

Shaping the Inclusive Future: eCredits joins World Web 3 Metaverse Challenge in Vienna

The new technological era that is dawning presents huge opportunities for benevolent projects, the type of which are aligned with the eCredits ethos of inclusivity and empowerment for all.

Case in point: Last weekend, from Friday, February 24 to Sunday, February 26, the first instalment of the World Web 3 Metaverse Challenge took place in Vienna, Austria, which marked the beginning of a year-long series in which innovators compete to showcase how their developments for the new age of the internet are beneficial.

eCredits, the decentralized people’s currency, was a central point at this weekend’s challenge. Working alongside members of Cryptix, a Swiss venture-building firm, eCredits representatives met with and provided mentorship to some exciting new startup projects, ranging from tokenized real estate to tools to providing continued education for disadvantaged children suffering from chronic illness, among others.

There was a substantial emphasis on the ability to develop decentralized projects built on public blockchains, and to distribute them across the new metaverse environment in order to make the most of enabling the community to have transparent access to all kinds of new services on a peer-to-peer basis. Critically, the tokenized real estate project, enabling people, regardless of status, to own property without being subjected to unsustainable debt or having to meet the demands of financial institutions, exemplified this potential.

Opening the series, Bernhard Blaha, CEO of The People’s SCE, gave an inspiring introduction about how modern ecosystems can be built democratically – by the people, for the people. This was followed by a two-hour workshop, presented by Cryptix CIO Armin Reiter and Chief Business Development Officer Leila Sadok, on generating blockchain business ideas. The workshop was joined by Andrew Saks, head of marketing for The People’s SCE, who explained how connecting benevolent projects via the metaverse empowers people and how today’s enthusiastic engineers are well positioned to join a people-centric system in which the people themselves, not central authorities, make the decisions as a global community.

Networking and finding synergy between projects were also an instrumental part of the weekend, not least finding methods of building new projects on public blockchains that complement each other.

Organized by Startup Live, and co-hosted by the Digital Assets Association Austria, the World Web 3 Metaverse Challenge 2023 began with this three-day event and will involve more than 50 teams as it travels across Europe, Asia, and India before concluding in Vienna for a Grand Final in November. At that time the winning project will be decided by the jury which is made up of participants in the event.

The People’s SCE and the eCredits development team will be participating throughout the year, in keeping with the will to further build out a democratic and people-centric ecosystem for everyday life.

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