3. March 2020

Exclusive preview: the payment features in the eWallet app

After our preview of the eCashback section in the eWallet app, we will take you behind the scenes again. Get ready for one of the most important aspects of the eCredits world: the payment feature. 

We are still making small adjustments to the payment process, but our goal is to ensure that paying in-store with eCredits is simple and fast. In fact, with the eWallet app, the paying is as easy as 1-2-3: Consumers bring their items to the cash register, scan the customised QR code on the merchant’s phone or tablet and confirm the payment. Done! 

For merchants, accepting payments with eCredits is also a breeze: All they have to do is enter the payable amount in the eWallet app, create a QR code and show it to the consumer. 

The eCredits accounts of the merchants and consumers will be updated immediately, and the transaction details will appear in the Transaction overview in the My Wallet section. Any eCashback that consumers earn will appear in the Loyalty section. That is also where merchants and consumers can review their updated eActivity balance. 

Let’s have a closer look at how you can turn your smartphone into a digital wallet:

The merchant enters the amount

Once the consumer is ready to pay for their items in the store, the merchant enters the payable amount into the eWallet app on their smart device and generates a QR Code – with the push of a button.

The merchant generates the QR code

The merchant double-checks the amount and shows the QR code to the consumer.

The consumer scans the QR code

The consumer opens their eWallet app, taps on the Pay button (the big button with the QR code) and scans the merchant’s QR code with their smartphone camera.

The consumer finalises the payment

As the last step, the consumer confirms that the amount is correct and then sends the eCredits to the merchant’s account.

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