16. December 2022

London Business School contingent earn extra [e]Credit during Crypto Valley visit

Zug, December 12, 2022. A group of MBA students from London Business School touring Crypto Valley earned some extra credits – eCredits, to be exact – during their visit to Zug, Switzerland on Monday, December 12, 2022.

Accompanied by Professor Kostas Markides, the students were introduced to Cryptix, the eCredits Ecosystem, and The People’s SCE that powers it all. Each student was then given an eCredits Card Wallet with the balance of 25 EUR worth of ECS as a welcome gift to Crypto Valley. The group was in Zug to visit several renowned Crypto Valley firms, to meet the people who are pushing the crypto industry forward, and to generally learn more about Web 3.0.

Joining the discussion, via Teams, Dr. Samuel D. Schmid of the University of Lucerne spoke to students about recent developments in the crypto industry, and its future outlook, including the biggest challenges the industry will likely face in the coming three to five years. The professor also spoke about why Crypto Valley found its home in Zug, how it emerged as the “Silicon Valley” of Switzerland, as well as Switzerland’s continued success as a business hub and as a country.

The event was a great opportunity to introduce future business leaders to the eCredits ecosystem. Coming from all around the world, the LBS students are on average of 30 years old and have at least five years of business experience. Huge thanks to the LBS students, Professor Markides and Dr. Schmid, and everyone else who made this such a great event!

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