1. December 2022

eCredits Now on EXMO Exchange

Luxembourg, December 1, 2022. eCredits is now listed on the EXMO cryptocurrency exchange, making the “The people’s currency” finally available there for daily use. This is a major step towards making eCredits more accessible, and on increasingly diverse platforms, for more users around the world. Partnering with EXMO and its diverse clientele not only helps enhance the decentralization – and security – of eCredits, but also furthers its inclusivity by getting a democratic, everyday use currency in the hands of as many users as possible.

“eCredits stands for giving the power of choice to the people. I am glad that with our new partner EXMO, our community now has more choice when it comes to buying and selling eCredits at a well-known venue based in Europe. This is another step towards achieving the vision behind eCredits!” – Bernhard Blaha, CEO, The People’s SCE

About eCredits: eCredits is a decentralized, blockchain-based ecosystem featuring its own native, daily-use cryptocurrency, eCredits (ECS). The eCredits Ecosystem enables users to purchase goods and services with ECS, transfer and exchange cryptocurrencies, and earn eActivity Token (ACT) rewards for transactions via its eWallet App. eCredits strengthens local economies and helps micro/small/medium enterprises (MSMEs) stay competitive in the globalized marketplace.

Applications on the eCredits Blockchain are powered by The People’s SCE, a decentrally governed organization and a European Cooperative Society that empowers its members to shape the future of eCredits products and features through voting. Fairness and inclusion are the essence of The People’s SCE. Its philosophy is simple but powerful: one member, one vote – no matter what.

About EXMO: Founded in 2014, the EXMO crypto exchange strives towards a world where cypto is accessible, hassle free – and in every wallet. Based in the UK, Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania and the US, the EXMO platform boasts more than 24,000 active daily traders with more than 180 trading pairs. EXMO features its own exchange token, EXMO Coin (EXM), while also operating with more than six fiat currencies. EXMO’s average daily trading volume is more than $200 million. Learn more: https://exmo.com/

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