1. June 2023

eCredits Launches New EVM Layer 1 Chain Site for Developers

This week eCredits unveiled its highly anticipated EVM Layer 1 Chain website, a new showcase of powerful tools and use cases for developers.

With a mission to ‘level the playing field’, the site is a virtual toolbox enabling developers to build new applications on the eCredits Blockchain aimed at solving everyday problems through the tokenization of real-world assets, such as real estate and others.

An Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) Layer 1 configuration, the eCredits Blockchain is built in Europe and supports a diverse range of use cases. These include: portfolio management, payments, NFTs, gaming, DeFi, social platforms, media, and much more. The power and versatility of the eCredits Blockchain opens endless possibilities for innovation across sectors.

And because it’s eCredits – which strives to empower local economies, not major financial players – this blockchain is community-driven and customer focused. Emphasizing security, stability, and ease of use, the eCredits Blockchain is already home to nearly a quarter million active retail wallets.

By the numbers: the eCredits Blockchain:

  • 5 seconds: Average block time
  • 640,438: Total transactions
  • 12,881,129: Total blocks
  • 228,433: Active wallet addresses

The eCredits version uses the same tooling, libraries, and smart contract logic as Ethereum, while following a strict Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism to ensure database security. In addition to safety, security, and compliance, the chain also offers extensive tech support for developers, including documentation literature.

Currently the eCredits Bockchain is utilized by the Web3 venture building firm Crytpix; the decentrally-governed organization The People’s SCE; Web3 investment platform Equito; tokenized real-estate firm Rocksolid, and others. As a native cryptocurrency and shopping App, eCredits is listed with Bittrex Global, Blocktrade, EXMO and other digital asset exchanges.

The new Layer 1 site streamlines the processes and puts the power of the eCredits Blockchain into the hands of a growing number of developers and businesses. Those looking for solutions for tokenization of real assets, with proven blockchain tech and an ever-expanding community, should look no further.

In addition to the launch of this website, we are also working on updating the docs in all areas and extending it with information from token creation to APIs to merchant onboarding.

To learn more about what the eCredits Blockchain the website to see full details https://chain.ecredits.com/ and get in touch with us to find your perfect blockchain solution.

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