5. September 2023

eCredits and SimplyTokenized Announce Collaboration on Asset Tokenization

Vienna, Austria, 05.09.2023 – The People’s SCE has announced a strategic collaboration with SimplyTokenized, a software company that provides custom tokenization solutions. This partnership combines the expertise of both companies to provide clients with a seamless and innovative infrastructure for digitizing assets on the eCredits Blockchain.

Commenting on the announcement, Bernhard Blaha, CEO of The People’s SCE, said: “We are thrilled to join forces with SimplyTokenized to further unlock the potential of asset tokenization. By leveraging the advanced capabilities of the eCredits Blockchain and the versatile tools provided by SimplyTokenized, we aim to empower businesses to embrace the future of asset digitization and gain a competitive edge in their industries.”

SimplyTokenized streamlines the token creation process and provides technical support for smart contract implementation on the blockchain. It allows companies to attract investors and set up an investor community portal, a dedicated space to keep the community updated on the latest corporate developments. Additionally, the platform helps companies develop brand ambassadors and interact with the community.

Paul Pöltner, CEO of SimplyTokenized, stated: “SimplyTokenized breathes life into financing and development, infusing the essence of organic finance within their community-driven ecosystem. Together with eCredits, our aim is to reshape the landscape of asset tokenization, ushering in a new era of innovation and accessibility for businesses and investors alike.”

As nearly all types of assets can be tokenized, the partnership offers numerous opportunities for businesses seeking to enhance liquidity, efficiency, and accessibility in their operations. eCredits plans to announce the first use case enabled through the partnership with SimplyTokenized this month.

About eCredits and The People’s SCE

eCredits is a decentralized, blockchain-based ecosystem empowering local businesses and democratizing finance. Designed to be “the people’s currency for daily use”, eCredits enables users, Consumers and Merchants, to make and accept everyday purchases with the ecosystem’s native cryptocurrency, eCredits (ECS).

The People’s SCE is a decentrally governed organization (DGO) that powers applications built upon the eCredits Blockchain. The People’s SCE empowers SMEs and consumers to partake in decision-making and shape its future. The governance of The People’s SCE is fully decentralized and operates on the credo “one member, one vote”, making it a fully democratic organization, owned, and run by its members.

For more information on eCredits, visit: https://ecredits.com/ and https://thesce.org/

About SimplyTokenized

SimplyTokenized is a SaaS company, with our white label solution, we enable simple financing options through the community and at the same time strive for organic company growth.

The SimplyTokenized platform caters to all industries and offers entrepreneurs a complete one-stop funding and community engagement tool. From the ongoing interaction with your own ecosystem and the expansion of potential new community members to the planning, creation, implementation, management and security of token products or campaigns, we have simplified and combined all processes on our platform. In this way, we give companies the opportunity to “simply” set up their own financing platform or company portal and their own community portal without external service providers. This makes us a unique, future-oriented company that creates new diversity and opportunities and democratizes access to the market.

For more information on SimplyTokenized, visit: https://simplytokenized.com

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