22. February 2022

Bernhard Blaha joins The People’s SCE as CEO

Luxembourg, 22 February 2022 – Today, The People’s SCE – the decentrally governed organization (DGO) built to develop and manage products and services based on the eCredits Blockchain – announced that Bernhard Blaha will be appointed CEO on 15 March 2022. He will play a central role in ensuring that The People’s SCE is fully prepared for the upcoming public launch of the eCredits Ecosystem.

The eCredits Ecosystem is an open, decentralized blockchain project which sets out to become ‘The People’s Currency’, bringing local businesses closer to consumers and strengthening regional economies. It consists of a token – eCredits – and a blockchain infrastructure that will provide a new way for small to medium sized merchants and their customers to perform transactions and get rewarded for their collaboration.

The success of eCredits depends on it remaining decentralized and community-driven for the long term. This is the purpose of The People’s SCE, a decentrally governed organization (DGO) that will provide a legal framework for consumers and regional businesses to actively participate in decisions about the future of eCredits via transparent and extremely simple voting on the blockchain.

Blaha, a seasoned industry expert and co-founder of the Digital Asset Association Austria (DAAA), will play a key role in realizing this vision, developing a sustainable ecosystem based on the blockchain technology of eCredits at The People’s SCE.

In this new role he will be supported by Aleksander Jerenko, a retail banking expert with over 20 years’ experience in financial services, who serves on the Executive Board of Directors of The People’s SCE. Jonathan Soreille also joins the SCE as a financial expert to support the project with his 15 years of experience in accounting, business strategy and fund administration. Blaha will add other renowned experts to the team over the next month.

“The People’s SCE is one of, if not the most important component as we prepare the eCredits Ecosystem for its public launch. The vision we have for eCredits is vast and ambitious, and besides his extensive expertise, experience and drive to change the world for the better, Bernhard Blaha is the ideal candidate because he shares our vision and ambition.” says Bernhard Koch, Initiator of The People’s SCE and founder of Cryptix Group.

About Bernhard Blaha
Over the course of his career, Bernhard Blaha has founded over five companies, one of which executed the first Initial Coin Offering (ICO) approved by a European regulator. He co-created the Digital Asset Association Austria, an influential thinktank of crypto experts, to improve the establishment of digital assets on the Austrian market. Bernhard joined Cryptix AG as a consultant in 2020 where he supported the Blocktrade project. Soon after that he became CEO of Blocktrade, being responsible for the Blocktrade Securities Offering and for building a strong organizational basis.

About The People’s SCE
Founded in late 2021, The People’s SCE Ltd. is a decentrally governed organization acting as service provider for the regulatory and technical environment of the eCredits Ecosystem. The People’s SCE unique organizational model allows the community to become cooperative members and thus actively shape the future of eCredits, such as by participating in voting or building services and products on top of the eCredits Blockchain.

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