eVault Raffle Disclaimer

This disclaimer governs the terms and conditions for your (“you”, “Participant” or the “User”) participation in The People’s SCE’s (hereinafter: “SCE”) eVault raffle campaign – raffle, under which Users participate and can receive free distribution of Crypto-Assets (hereinafter: raffle). This document does not pertain in any way to an offering of securities in any jurisdiction nor the issuance of any electronic money or other type of government backed payment instrument.

When you participate, or otherwise receive a free Crypto- Asset, you may only do so by accepting the following conditions. You warrant and represent that the following are a true and accurate reflection of the basis on which you are participating in promotion campain, therefore You acknowledge that You:

• declare that You have read, understood and accepted “eWallet App General Terms of Service” (hereinafter referred to as the “eWallet GTS”), »eVault Terms« and associated Policies as referenced thereof;
• have registered a valid User Account pursuant to eWallet GTS, eVault Terms and associated Policies as referenced thereof;
• you do not reside in country which is included in the official sanctions list of the EU;
• have sufficient understanding of the functionality, usage, storage, eVault smart contracts and smart contracts in general, transmission mechanisms and intricacies associated with blockchain technology, Crypto- assets Assets and airdrops;
• understand and accept the risks associated with blockchain technology and cryptocurrency protocols as outlined in “eWallet GTS” and »eVault Terms«;
• will not hold “The People’s SCE”, its associates, employees and partners liable for any damages, loss of assets, or anything related to a particular Crypto-Asset that is part of a bonus participation.

1.1. The SCE will give away assets to users who are eligible to participate in the promotion of eVault smart contract integration into the eWallet. The SCE will award 3 Users (participants) with one of the following three prizes:
1st prize: eCredits Jupiter LE Validator Node and 5000 ECS
2nd prize: 5000 ECS
3rd prize: 2500 ECS
2.1. Users who transfer at least 1000 ECS to the eVault smart contract until February 28th 2023 23:59:59 CET and fill out the promotion form on the website https://news.ecredits.com/evault will be part of the bonus participation. 3 winners will be randomly drawn from the participants to win the prizes.

2.2. User who completes the following steps are eligible for the bonus promotion and meet the following criteria:

• User completed eWallet setup including the creation of an address in the eWallet;
• User has eVault at least 1000 ECS in the eVault smart contract;
• User has filled out the promotion form on the website https://news.ecredits.com/evault and confirmed the subscription


3.1. The eVault bonus participation will be available to the eligible Users from Februar 6th 2023 until February 28th 2023.

3.2. The 3 winners receive one of the prizes defined in section 1.1.


4.1. Participants are permitted to participate only once in the eVault raffle. Multiple registrations for the eVault raffle promotion are not permitted.

4.2. The People’s SCE reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to decline registration of any participation in the eVault raffle and/or disqualify any User in case of tampering or attempt to tamper with the operation of the raffle participation (“Raffle Abuse”).

4.3. Specifically, a Raffle Abuse includes, but is not limited to:
• breach of these disclaimer, eWallet GTS, eVault Terms or any Policy set forth on the eCredits or SCE Website;
• the opening of multiple accounts to claim multiple entries into the raffle

4.4. Where there is a reasonable suspicion that the User has committed or attempted to commit a Raffle Abuse, either on their own or as part of a group, The People’s SCE reserves the right to (cumulatively or selectively):
• forfeit the prize allocated to the Users Profile;
• exclude the User from any future promotional offers;

4.5. Under no circumstances shall The People’s SCE be liable for any consequences of raffle cancelation or decline. The User acknowledges that the SCE has full discretion to choose the 3 Users who participate for the bonus and has no obligation to transfer the bonus if the Users are not eligible.

5.1. Each User that satisfies the eligibility criteria in the section 2 of this disclaimer, will be notified by email.

5.2. The bonus will be transferred by the blockchain transaction to the eWallet User Account (public) address until March 31st 2023 if the User satisfies the eligibility requirements in the section 2 of this disclaimer.

5.3. The amount of bonus in ECS tokens will be calculated at the cut-off date of the bonus distribution.

6.1. User acknowledges that the offered bonus amount of ECS tokens in amount equivalent to EUR 200,00 or 100,00 shall be based on the market price at the time of the bonuses distributed to the eligible participants, whereas the actual price/value of ECS tokens at which a User receives it, may be different than indicated at the time when bonus distribution transaction was initiated, especially during periods of illiquidity, or volatility in the marketplaces for any Crypto- Asset, including ECS token. Accordingly, the ratio between the quantity of ECS Tokens as a bonus and the total value of EUR 200 or 100 EUR is only an approximation and User acknowledge that, at the time of the bonus transaction execution, there may be price fluctuations inherent in the cryptocurrency market that don’t provide any guarantee that the quantity of ECS Tokens actually received as a bonus will correspond exactly to the total value of EUR 200 or 100 or that such value will be maintained in the future.

6.2. The People’s SCE gives no guarantees with regards to the volume, price or other specifications on secondary exchanges and no warranties with regards to any exchange service providers or the price of Crypto Assets, including ECS token, on such exchanges. The People’s SCE is not liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, or consequential damages or losses in profits, goods or services, which might occur due to any such price fluctuations.

6.3. In addition to the Risk and Limitation of Liability sections in the eWallets GTS, The People’s SCE shall have no liability for Crypto- Assets subject to the bonus with respect to the nature of the Crypto- Assets and their technical and legal characteristics. Each User should inquire and verify all legal and technical characteristics of each Crypto- Asset before any subscription. The User agrees that The People’s SCE shall not be liable in any way whatsoever for any damages or losses associated with any particular Crypto- Asset.

6.4. User acknowledges that The People’s SCE does not make any guarantees regarding any Crypto- Assets, correctness of the data included thereof, and does not assume any liability and/or responsibility for any representations or guarantees deriving from any Crypto-Assets, including but not limited to non-performance, non-conformance defects or errors related to the Crypto-Assets.

6.5. If an act, omission, event or circumstance occurs which is beyond the reasonable control of The People’s SCE and which prevent The People’s SCE from complying with these terms and conditions, The People’s SCE will not be liable for any failure to perform or delay in performing its obligations.


7.1. The People’s SCE reserves the right to cancel, withdraw, terminate, or temporarily suspend this bonus or amend this disclaimer at any time, in case of unavoidable circumstances beyond The People’s SCE’s control that make it necessary and to the extent this would not be unfair or will not disadvantage those who sought to participate within the original terms. The Users will be notified via the registered e-mail address.

7.2. In the above cases, The People’s SCE bears no responsibility towards the Users who participate are not able to request the completion or continuation of the bonus and/or to claim damages.

7.3. If any of the above cases occur, any User that wishes to withdraw its participation in bonus participation shall sent an e-mail to support@ecredits.com, stating explicitly that it wishes to withdraw its participation. If the Users do not withdraw their participation by following the above procedure, their participation in the bonus will be considered valid, and it will imply that they tacitly and unconditionally accept the terms and conditions of the bonus participation, as these are amended.

7.4. This bonus disclaimer shall be governed by the laws of Luxembourg and any disputes will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Luxembourg.


8.1. For further questions regarding this disclaimer, please contact support@ecredits.com

The People’s SCE, February 1st 2023


The People´s SCE

53, Boulevard Royal

L- 2449 Luxembourg