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Our subscriptions have been designed to provide you with the best range of exciting products and services to maximize your eCredits experience.  

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Standard benefits Whether you choose the Free, Gold or Platinum Subscription, you will have access to:

eCredits Subscription Plans

All Ambassadors and Users can become eCredits Gold or Platinum Subscribers.

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With your eCredits Platinum subscription you will join an elite group of eCredits users. Get exclusive, tailored benefits and services you won’t find anywhere else.

Frequently asked questions

Do you have a question about the eCredits Subscription Plans?
 Can I give my Merchant Subscription voucher to other people?
Can I give my The People’s SCE Membership voucher to other people?
Yes. However, the membership voucher is only given once, not every year.
Can I get my money back if I am not satisfied with my subscription plan?
Yes, you can get reimbursed during the first 14 days after the purchase but only in case you haven’t used the Merchant voucher or the eVault upgraded rewards.
Do vouchers have an expiration date?
Yes, 1 year.
Can anyone subscribe to Gold and Platinum?
Every consumer account can subscribe. Businesses cannot subscribe to Gold or Platinum Subscriptions. However, they do have access to Merchant Subscriptions.
Why can’t I see any of the Gold/Platinum advantages?
Bear in mind that you can only access the subscriptions rewards in the account that you were logged into when paying for the Subscriptions. Make sure to use that account when taking advantage of the subscription's advantages.  
If I subscribe to Gold or Platinum, will my current eVaults update their reward?
No, eVault will not be altered. So, if one eVaults today with the reward of 2%, and tomorrow subscribes to Platinum and eVaults at 6%, the first eVault will remain with a 2% reward.
I am already a Gold Subscriber. Can I upgrade to Platinum?
Yes, and a percentage of your subscription will be deducted.
Are there rewards for the invitation program?
Yes, any user, regardless of being an Ambassador or not, will be rewarded for bringing users that become Platinum subscribers.  
You will receive 200€ in ECS, plus 1.5%ECS+1.5%ACT of the total amount eVaulted by your invitee.  
When will I receive my invitation rewards?
The 200€ in ECS are sent immediately after the invitee subscribes, and the percentage of the eVaulting is rewarded once per month.