eCashback: Enjoy a rewarding shopping experience eCashback: Enjoy a rewarding shopping experience

Get money back instantly when you pay with eCredits in selected stores

How eCashback works Shop. Benefit. Repeat.

Step 01

Check the requirements

To earn eCashback, the store or website you want to shop at have to be eCredits users, and they must have opted in to use eCashback. You can find the eCashback providers in your area on the eWallet map.
Step 02

Find a merchant

Use the map in your eWallet app to locate stores that offer eCashback. If you prefer shopping online, search for websites that give you money back on purchases.
Step 03

Scan and earn

Immediately after you scan the customised QR code to pay for your purchase with eCredits, the payment gets processed and the amount of eCashback is added, in eCredits, to your eWallet, where it can be redeemed in Euros.

eCashback benefits for consumers: Get rewarded when you pay in a store or online

eCashback benefits for merchants: Benefit when you accept eCredits payments in store or online

All in one app eCashback is part of the eWallet app

Shop at eCashback merchants
Find eCashback merchants to make the most of your shopping experience.
eCashback overview
Your eCashback rewards will be available in your eCredits account right away.
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