eActivity Airdrop Terms and Conditions

This document sets out the terms and conditions of participation and redemption of eActivity tokens (ACT) on airdrops that The People’s SCE (hereinafter “SCE”) offers to its Users on the terms set out below. For more information regarding the rewarding system and technical description of ACT tokens, please read the eActivity Program on the The People’s SCE website. By clicking the “Participate” button you agree with these terms and the eActivity Program and you apply to the free ACT airdrop.

1. General

In addition to receiving ACT tokens as a part of The People’s SCE rewarding program in accordance with the eActivity Program, you can also participate in the ACT airdrop under these terms.
The SCE shall, in its own full discretion, from time to time conduct a free ACT airdrop to Users who have successfully earned any kind of loyalty rewards, points, miles/kilometres or any kind of similar means of demonstrating previous activities and participation with Merchants (“Merchant Rewards”) that accept ECS or have the potential to accept ECS via the eWallet app.

The SCE conducts ACT airdrops, their scope, amount, time frame and eligibility of User’s participation at its sole and absolute discretion. Participation in ACT tokens airdrop is free and has no exchange of value.

2. ACT Airdrop Applications

Users can subscribe to an active ACT airdrop, presented on the ACT airdrop website. ACT airdrops can be based on Merchant Rewards received by Users from Merchants or on the basis of other criteria set out on the ACT airdrop website.

The SCE shall provide instructions and the participation procedure for each individual ACT airdrop on the website. Each ACT airdrop may have a different approach to demonstrating Merchant Rewards, which may form the basis for a particular airdrop. Merchants may set their own and additional conditions for User’s participation in the ACT airdrop.

By agreeing to these ACT airdrop terms, the User agrees that SCE may obtain from each Merchant relevant information on Merchant Rewards acquired by User with each Merchant that is the subject of an ACT airdrop. The Use gives consent to SCE for possibly obtaining certain personal data of the User in the course of these practices which are necessary for the performance of each ACT airdrop.

3. ACT Airdrop Eligibility

The SCE itself, or on the basis of a proposal from an individual Merchant, decides on a case-by-case basis and at its sole and absolute discretion if and how many ACT tokens each User will receive on each ACT airdrop.

As the distribution of ACT Tokens is entirely free of charge and randomly determined by SCE, no User shall be entitled to request to receive ACT Tokens, even if he or she is eligible and may meet the criteria set out on the ACT airdrop website or elsewhere.

4. ACT Airdrop Suggestions

Merchant or Users can suggest future ACT airdrops to SCE and provide information about the amount and type of Merchant Rewards they have received from each Merchant for their activity. SCE reviews the information it receives on individual Merchants and decides independently on the ACT airdrop to be carried out for each Merchant reward in the future.

5. ACT Airdrop Disclaimer And Warranties

ACT tokens are non-transferable tokens on the eCredits Blockchain that cannot be sent or transferred to other users or to other addresses on the eCredits blockchain and cannot be bought or sold, as it is a reward program.

ACT tokens are not transferable and do not meet the definition of “Crypto-asset” or “Crypto-currency” as defined under EU legislation. ACT tokens do not entail any promise or right to a share in any future company earnings, participation in capital, voting rights, principal or interests, future capital flows or passive income. Additionally, ACT do not entitle token holders to acquire or sell any securities, nor do they entitle them to a cash settlement, as provided under Art. 4(1)(44)(c) MiFID II and cannot constitute a derivative (such as stock options or futures). As derived from this reasoning, ACT tokens do not confer rights comparable to transferable securities, thus they do not meet the substantive financial instrument or transferable securities qualification. ACT is not backed by or linked to any asset and without imposing any redemption right, it does not represent a unit of collective investment undertaking.

ACT airdrop do not represent a solicitation, fundraising, sale agreement, equity offering or any other type of offering. Note that ACT tokens shall be distributed to you absolutely for free, without any responsibilities or obligations whatsoever. The SCE or any other related party shall not gain any value for ACT airdrop.

6. SCE eActivity Disclaimer And Warranties

eActivity tokens (“ACT”) do not confer any certain or guaranteed rights or entitlement. The SCE has the full discretion to accredit rights, reward or entitlement that derive from holding or possessing ACT tokens at all times. Each entitlement in a given period of time from the holding of ACT tokens will be published on SCE’s website. If there is no announcement at a given time regarding any rewards, right or entitlement for ACT tokens, then no entitlement is deemed to exist.
SCE reserves the right to change or terminate the eActivity Program, or any part thereof, at any time without notice and without further obligations to Users, including, but not limited to modifications which: (a) govern how eActivity rewards are earned on and after the date of change; or (b) change the value of eActivity rewards. No eActivity bonuses will be earned or redeemed after the effective date of termination. Any and all changes and/or amendments to the eActivity Program will become binding upon all members immediately.

The eActivity Program and/or any of its features may be unavailable, inaccurate or interrupted from time to time for a variety of reasons. SCE is not responsible for any unavailability, interruptions or errors of the eActivity Program or its features. SCE is not responsible for unauthorized use of eActivity rewards.

Any benefit or rewards offered under the Program are offered on an “as available” basis, upon the discretion of SCE at any time and other contingencies which may impact availability of some benefits at certain times and locations.

The eActivity Program and all the information accessible through it are provided for information purposes only on an “as is” and “as available” basis. SCE makes no warranties, representations, or guarantees of any kind, express or implied, including but not limited to, accuracy, currency, or completeness, the operation of the eActivity Program, the information, materials, content, availability, and products. All benefits and rewards made available under the eActivity Program, if any, are provided by SCE and do not modify the relationships among its users To the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, we disclaim all warranties, express or implied, including but not limited to, implied warranties or merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.
If not mentioned here, SCE’s disclaimers and warranties in the eActivity Program and the eWallet General Terms also apply to the ACT airdrops.

7. Contact

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